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April 29, 2021

Rising Hope Family,

I have some wonderful news!  Nutramax, who is sponsoring Dr. Lew Sterrett’s Sermon on the Mount’s encore event scheduled for May 21st and May 22nd, has also generously offered RHF a matching grant of $18,000 to complete the entire drive and parking project for RHF

The drive and parking project is quite extensive. It consists of 1) paving the entire driveway with 2-car passing lanes along the way ($23,400); 2) Prepping additional parking area and drainage ($16,250); and 3) paving additional parking ($12,540).  Project will require 30 loads of dirt along with similar amounts of gravel prior to paving. This will beautify and create a safer entrance, in addition to providing sufficientparking for special events. The matched $18,000 will allow us to complete the overall project totaling over $60,000.

Precision Paving will be doing this project and is working with us to achieve our goal of having this completed prior to the May 21st event. 

Surprisingly this grant was approved in only 2 days. So, I feel it imperative that pull together all of our sources, creative ideas and contacts to try to meet this $18,000 matching 2 WEEK TARGET timeframe. The Nutramax team will be attending the event and I really think it is so important for our team to work toward matching their generous donation prior to their visit. The other caveat to our timeline is for Precision Paving to have enough time to bring in the dirt and allow the ground to settle enough for laying pavement. 

I realize that we have a short time to complete the paving, but I pray that the weather and schedules come together in time. I feel very passionate that we have to do what we can control, and the rest will happen per God’s plan. 

So, everyone please prayerfully request Divine direction and guidance to any local community businesses, churches, contacts that would be willing to help us achieve this target matching fund in 2 WEEKS TIME!  Time is of the essence to maximize this this wonderful and sudden opportunity!

Thank you all for everything that you do to help pull together this ministry and creating a truly special place at Rising Hope Farms!   Please feel free to share this and the Attached Nutramax letter anywhere and everywhere!  Lets get the word out!   And Paypal is an option via our website!


Peace, joy and blessings


Gail Wartner

Exec. Director

Rising Hope Farms

We are soooo excited! Dr. Lew Sterrett will be coming back to show us what horses are all about!  Please join us at the RHF arena on May 22nd from 3:00PM till 5:00PM.  Horses can teach about our lives if we can just learn to listen.  Dr. Sterrett shows us how horses can strengthen our relationship with God in life changing ways.  FREE TO THE PUBLIC!!!!

Dr. Lew Sterrett and Sermon on the Mount

Rising Hope Farms & Horses for Hope are ministries that provide a safe and inspirational environment to interact with horses. Through these ministries, our goal and prayer is that God will use this facility to provide fun, peace and healing for all involved.

We serve as non-profit therapeutic riding facility and use equestrian activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of those with disabilities. Therapeutic riding is also an opportunity for education and recreation that otherwise may not be available.

****Please Note****

Due to the overwhelming requests we receive from riders with disabilities that prohibit their participation in any other sport, we currently do not accept riders with ADD or ADHD as their primary diagnosis.

Rising Hope Farms is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. Your contributions may qualify as tax deductions!


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide hope and healing to those with special needs in our community through faith and therapeutic horse interaction.

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