Reining Through Life

Reining Through Life (RTL) is one of our newest programs. It consists of a unique, two-pronged approach.

Group approach:

RHF partners with the North Carolina Boy’s Academy (NCBA).  NCBA participants attend weekly sessions focusing on horsemanship, life skills, and service projects.  Participants who gain sufficient experience with RTL may also be trained to help with Therapeutic Riding as side walkers and arena assistants.

Individual approach:

RHF pairs a foster or adopted youth with a volunteer mentor in a one-on-one setting.  Participants benefit from the bond developed through mentorship as well as structured activities emphasizing horsemanship, faith, and life lessons in the context of trauma informed practices.

Reining Through Life (Individual) Application: RTL Application Forms 2023

*Note: You may apply to participate under our “Individual Approach.”  The group approach is reserved only for participants enrolled in NCBA programs.

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