Volunteer Stories & Rider Logs

Story Feature: Liam Landrum (March ’22)

Liam has been an RHF rider for more than five years. When asked what  Rising Hope meant to him, he wrote us this letter: 

“The way Rising Hope has changed my life in many ways. First off, it helps me  ease my anxiety, and help me control my autism more. Second off, it’s been there  when I’ve needed it most and it’s there for me when I need it. Third, it’s helped me  learn, become a better person, and help me grow my imaginations. Fourth, in  times where I’m hurt, I know my horse Gabe is there for me. This helps ease the  pain. Finnaly, the staff understand me and my hopes. There also very kind people  that have changed my life forever, like the insuructors and staff. I feel secure there  and I love going. It’s changed my life forever.”

Thank you, Liam for sharing your story!  We are so proud of you!


Story Feature: Randy Cline (Feb. ’22)

Randy Cline has been a dedicated volunteer, barn manager, and board member for the last several years.  When asked about the difference Rising Hope Farms made in his life, Randy shared a touching story.  Randy lost his beloved wife a few years ago from a battle with a long illness.  During that time, Randy was her primary caregiver.  After her passing, Randy needed renewed purpose in his life.  He found that purpose when he came to volunteer at Rising Hope.  The horses, riders, and volunteers helped fill the void he was experiencing.  Randy is an integral part of our team and even provided us with one of our herd members, Joy, the sweetest little donkey.  We are so grateful for Randy and all he does and continues to do for RHF!  We are constantly in awe of how God brings individuals from all walks of life to this ministry.  Arriving at Rising Hope is like coming home to a place where you are known and loved.   It is people like Randy who make all the difference!  We are so glad he shared his story with us!