Policy Updates

Rising Hope Farms Policy Updates 2021

Covid19 Policies:

1. Masks are required for ALL individuals (participants, volunteers, guests). In the event that a rider cannot tolerate a mask, the rider’s parents/caregivers may be asked to side- walk if volunteers are unavailable.

2. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older AND provide written consent to sidewalk with a rider who cannot wear a mask.

3. RHF programs will be returning to the use of thigh hold supports and lift mounting procedures, which were contraindicated due to social distancing rules last season. Riders who were previously unable to participate for this reason will be served.

4. Lessons will be limited to no more than 2 (two) riders per session.

5. Thorough sanitization procedures will be conducted between lessons.

6. Riders will use their own helmets and reins. If your rider does not have reins, these can be purchased cheaply through Amazon or Tractor Supply. Please contact your instructor if you have questions or concerns.

Weight Limit Policy:

Therapeutic riding may be contraindicated if:

1. Instructors and volunteers are unable to safely manage the participant in any situation, including emergency dismount.

2. The safety of the horse is compromised during any mounted activities.

3. The participant falls above the maximum weight limit of 160 lbs.

4. Not all of RHF’s horses are capable of carrying the maximum amount of 160 lbs. A

horse’s weight-bearing limit may change due to age, physical decline, workload, and other factors. If a participant’s assigned horse cannot be ridden due to illness or injury,

every effort will be made to use a substitute horse. However, this is not always

possible, and a rider’s lesson may be postponed or cancelled.

5. Our PATH Certified Instructors reserve the right to make decisions regarding a rider’s

participation and safety. Some factors which may be assessed include cognitive skills, balance, and mobility of the rider.

Adhering to an Equine Weight Limit Policy is an evidence-based practice. See the following article for more information:

Dyson, S., Ellis, A. D., Mackechnie‐Guire, R., Douglas, J., Bondi, A., & Harris, P. (2019). The influence of rider: horse bodyweight ratio and rider‐horse‐saddle fit on equine gait and behaviour: A pilot study. Equine Veterinary Education, 32(10), 527-539. doi:10.1111/eve.13085

Ineligibility: (Who We Do Not Serve)

Each applying participant will be evaluated by an instructor to determine whether they qualify for therapeutic riding.

An instructor has the right to deny an applicant based on the following criteria:

1. Does not meet weight or age criteria (riders must be 4+ years of age per PATH regulations).

2. After assessing multiple factors (e.g., cognitive skills, balance) the instructor determines that riding is contraindicated.

3. Riding activities contradict medical advice.

4. If the applicant falls under the PATH list of contraindications. (This can be found on

PATH International’s organization webpage or RHF’s website.)

5. The instructor determines the applicant will not benefit from therapeutic riding or that

the applicant is capable of typical riding lessons.


Rising Hope Farms is a ministry that provides a safe and inspirational environment to interact with horses. It is our mission to provide hope and healing to those with special needs in our community by way of therapeutic horse interaction. Through these ministries, our goal and prayer is that God will use this facility to provide fun, peace and healing for all involved. Rising hope is a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax deductible.